Friday, September 29, 2006

Pre Marathon Drama

Today was my last speed session and it was a stunning morning. There was a great atmosphere at Running School as we headed out to today's venue for a session of 2k rest 1k rest 500m rest 2k. I moving along ok on the first lap, when a sharp stabbing pain struck me in the calf, like a red hot branding iron was thrust into my leg.

I stopped immediately and pulled over to the side of the path.

"Are you alright?" asked many of the other runners.

I didn't have any idea how much the damage was going to be. I could walk ..... ok, maybe this won't be too bad. I started a slow jog and felt the pain each step which was not as severe but more like after having a cramp. Next step will be to get some attention, like a massage from a guy like Clark.

I got a voucher as a prize at the Queensland Half Marathon earlier in the year for a treatment from N.R. Ch'i (Sports Massage).

Time to cash that one in. Besides, I don't live near Clark but Runner Susan does!

So this leaves one problem.


What should I wear?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

An original work

Feeling kinky like a noodle,
Want to eat some Apple Strudel,
Was going to post,
But now I doodle.

Forgot my place and no longer rhyming,
and this is just to prove it.

Back again with words familiar,
Got a big bottle, it's Vanilla!
I'm going to put some drops in here,
I think I invented a brand new beer!

If you think that it'd taste yummy,
You'd be wrong, it's sort of funny.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Crouton Crumbles

Ahhhhhhhhh .........


hmmmmmm ......

This taper business is hard work.

After advice from a number of people I run with, I will not be going all out on the Time Trial in the last week before the marathon. I should have held off this announcement for my press conference next week, but thought I needed to publish it so I can get over the disappointment. I had really hoped to have a good run, since I was tapering and getting the benefits of resting before my runs.

For the second time this year the little (but growing up fast) crouton has fractured her elbow. It's the other arm this time. Much to my relief it isn't too serious. I'm looking forward to seeing her and the other Crouton in 2 weeks before the marathon in Melbourne.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Warning: The Following Post May Offend

(I keep meaning to do that)

2 weeks to go and the plan is to taper and hydrate ...... must drink more water!

Flo has a theory that if I haven't been used to drinking water, then my body won't crave it. But after a few weeks it will be looking for it. I guess that is what tapering is all about. Run less, so on race day your body wants to run.

On a different note, I was talking to Bob at breakfast and he told me how he made an Itunes playlist for his bedroom activities. "Oh really, Bob" I said trying to be polite, although not wanting to hear what was coming next, and hoping to avoid getting any visual images in my mind. "Yes, he says and the first song is a Tom Jones song" .... then Bob's partner Wendy chimes in with .... "and it plays for 2 minutes so we never to get to the second track" .... Bob goes silent ..... I quickly change the subject.

Next week, I'll be holding a pre-marathon press conference .... get your questions ready.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Final Payment for Hawaii

We made our final payment for the Hawaii Marathon in December. I've been there before, so think I'll be able to blend in. I'm all about blending in.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Only the Summit Left

HELLO ...... hello

The climb up the mountain goes ...... well ...... but ...... I'm ...... getting ...... a ...... little ...... breathless.

Me and my big mouth about how this is "Mountain Week"!

On Sunday I ventured out on a dark, cold, wet night to record the first 15K. On Monday morning, it was raining lightly for the start of my 10K and then the skies really opened up and I had to slosh my way around jumping puddles. Whilst splashing about, I was happy to meet Katy on her way to work riding her aqua-bike ...... In the evening I didn't get home until 8 and at that point dropped the planned 12K tempo.

By Tuesday morning, the weather cleared up, so the speed session was pleasant by comparison. Then on Wednesday, I did 21K and a fair of it with Tesso and Clairie. It wouldn't have been anywhere near as quick or as enjoyable without them.

Thursday morning, I kept shoulder to shoulder with Ciaren on the 2 minute efforts with 30 sec jog intervals. I even managed to double up with that missed tempo run in the evening.

All that remains for the week is the 35K long run which will round out the week around 115K. And then it's taper time.

Taper/Tapir .... oh, I crack me up sometimes!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome to Mountain Week

Mountain Week has nothing to do with hill reps.

To me, it is the week that is the peak of training in miles run and just before the taper.

There doesn't seem to be a lot written about this week, although it is found hidden in the various training programs without so much as a title.

I'm a big believer in the significance of Mountain Week and all that it stands for. For some, it may seem strange that although I am so close to the end of the training program it is the hardest time to get out of bed and finish off the climb. Let me share a little of what I have found .....

Mountain Week Fact #1: "You can't run as fast when your body is fatigued"

This fact plays with my mind. Why was that run so slow? Why can't I get faster, if I'm training harder? How can I possible reach my goal time when I can't get close in training?, etc etc. Fear not my friends, the piggy bank is swelling with deposits for your race.

Mountain Week Fact #2: "The closer to the peak the higher the risk of injuries"

For weeks now I've been slowly building distance and blending in speed drills. What I will do this week, could not have been done, even a few weeks ago, without damaging my muscles. They have got used to things, but, at the same time fragile. Like mountain climbing (I guess) working on tired legs leaves them more vulnerable than if there was more rest time and less workload. One slip now and I could plummet.

So ..... my first ascent of Mountain Week was a 15K cruise in cold wet conditions. I wore gloves. Not running with gloves, when it's cold and wet, makes as much sense as a bum full of smarties.

Nothing really eventful with this run except I heard a duck out on the floating bridge. There wasn't anyone around ...... it could have been me! Or was it you? The splits were all over the place starting just over 5 min per K (8min/mile) and then dropping under. Strange for me was that whenever I tended to slow down, I was able to pick it up again without too much trouble. Even after 10K, which has me feeling quite strong at the moment.

Tomorrow I'll do a double, morning and evening run.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Long long run.

I should have known when I turned the alarm off and rolled over that I wasn't ready to run today.

Just about the time I would normally finish my long run, I was getting ready to go.

Looking for a change, I decided to head down to the Gold Coast for my 35K.

The first 6 or 7K were strong although I was starting to overheat and felt the nausea coming on. It was quite hot and I was struggling to get enough fluid in. After a short drink stop, I backed off the pace and made it to the 17 and 1/2 K turn without too much trouble. At 20K I decided to walk up Burleigh Heads as I was pretty much done. A strange voice came through my IPod and then Lamb Chop launched into "the song that never ends" .... I believe Tesso is to thank for that one!

The problem is, 15K to go and being "done" with no short cuts makes for a long day. Four hours before I arrived back at my car. I ran the last 2K at 4:30 and 4:45 just to see what was left .... not much. Sunburnt and dehydrated I suffered the next day and my legs were still heavy on my Monday Tempo run.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here we come!

2006 MELBOURNE MARATHON Registration Confirmation

Dear Toast,

CONGRATULATIONS! You are entered in the 2006 Melbourne Marathon!
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 8 October 2006.

Please visit to check out all the latest information available on Race Weekend.

Australian residents - your race pack (race bib, Windag timing chip and any purchased bus tickets) will be sent to you in the mail.
International residents - your race pack (race bib, Windag timing chip, Vegemite sandwich, can of Fosters and meat pie) will be kept for your collection from the Race Info Desk on the Friday and Saturday before Race Day.