Friday, April 24, 2009

Sesame Street should prepare you for this

One of these things isn't like the other one ......

By the way, 3 of my friends won Australian Masters Marathon medals on Sunday. Well done CJ, Clairie and Strewth. Don't forget Lucky Legs coached by everyone's favorite Ewen. This is why I go to Canberra (to see this lot).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Canberra Report Pizza Style

3:18:42 happy, not the perfect run .... you know the one that goes exactly to plan and you run even splits and finish strong but without an ounce left ... well it wasn't that .... first half was relaxed and found a new speed .... never had stomach pain like that before ..... legs suddenly went heavy but recovered .... was heckled by a woman who was very excited to pass me after 16K .... why was she so angry? .... who was the guy doing jumping jacks .... had to stop and walk mainly to regain composure .... knew what time i was going to finished in, at 34k, but still had to work for it ..... had to go to my room to vomit .... back ache when i finished, couldn't stand .... not too sore the next day .... thinking of rehab exercises for awhile, maybe a week ..... pale guy who bumped into me for awhile .... Glenno limping over the line .... big grin from Watto ... he came home strong .... love seeing the Canberra crew .... won one and lost one bet with Ewen .... 4th fastest marathon .... slowest Canberra marathon out of 3 ..... mostly happy that i improved over the last 2 years of injuries .... 3:18 after 4 x 3:20 somethings.... also happy i did run faster and more relaxed than ever before .... 1:34 half ..... thinking lots of slow long k's coming up .... i qualified for Boston ..... it's a benchmark for me .... was always going to be happy with a sub 3:20 other than that i want a sub 3:10 ... enough of this run made me think i could do it .... Katy was looking the other way when passed a few times .... always caution those around me "that's my wife" ... aren't we all crazy? .... Clarie is either tears or carrots ..... bad Andy put a score on the board ... beware the fast Eddy .... Tesso leads the return to good running for quite a few .... everyone made the start line and there were no horror stories .... best bad run .... new motivation of the next one

5K Splits
44:49 - 22:17
1:07:01 - 22:12 (wee stop)
1:29:21 - 22:19
Half 1:34:12
1:51:49 - 22:28
2:15:09 - 23:20
2:40:43 - 25:34
3:07:07 - 26:24
3:18:43 - 11:36

This could be where I went wrong.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A pretty crappy blog

So what does one do when sidelined?

Decpoo-page of course....

I started collecting grocery catalogs back in 2005 with a view to decoupage. The subject for all the good artificial flavors like Ranch and fake cheeze had to be a toilet seat. Ok, it did take me 4 years to finish this project, but I made it in the end.

I did go and see a sports doctor on Monday after resting my leg all weekend. He rotated and stretch and then decided it could be a tendinopathy or start of a bursa problem. We promptly booked me in for an ultrasound and cortisone injection. I was told, I could run before this and a little inflammation would help the diagnosis and treatment. I ran Tuesday and was a little sore but nothing like before. I ran Wednesday and perhaps slightly more soreness but now rating it around a 1 or 2 and not hitting the high 8 or 9 out of 10 on the pain meter like before. The ultrasound showed a normal knee and surrounding area. No cortisone.


I now have prescribed a course of maximum healing. I ran 16 km (10 mile) with no ill effects on Saturday. Two more light runs this week, and that will do this donkey.

Today, Katy and I took the croutons for ice-cream. 14km round trip walking. I think they will sleep well tonight.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I did it!

Here it is, chilli chicken. I did it! I re-created the recipe and now I am ready for crouton time. They are here Tuesday through to Wednesday morning the following week.

Week 12 (31,11,11,18,10,11) = 92k (18k in 1:15)

Week 13 (13 broke down, Thurs 6 then stopped) = 19k. I'm checking in with a sports doctor to see what I can do to run again.

This comes from another blog ..... I think it sums thing up!

Oh, Tapir. Tapir, Tapir, Tapir. I can't possibly imagine what could be funny enough to forget that you are a giant pound of grayish black blubber with a cone head and a nose with nostrils so large if you zoom in on them they look like a monkey's face. So you must be smiling like that because you think it's going to make me like you.

Well, Tapir, it's not going to work on me. Not today, NOT EVER. So stop following me with your nose, Tapir, PREHENSILE NOSES ARE FOR ELEPHANTS.