Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting Serious

It's time to get serious. For me, the festive season ends on Australia Day and I go back into training. I got a new haircut just to prove it.

Long run: 2:20 target 3:00
3K TT: 11:53 aiming sub 11:30 next week and then sub 11:00 a month later
Training this week: 70K
Injury Status: I can walk and I am not limping at the start of a run .... pain in right calf at the end of a session.

According to the Pat program, I'm about 11 weeks out. My 3K TT was 11:13 and weight 73/74kg leading into the Melbourne Marathon

My weight is now around 77kg but was 80kg a couple of weeks ago.

Long Run Targets:

Feb 2nd 2:20
Feb 9th 2:40
Feb 16th 2:40
Feb 23rd 2:00ish
Mar 1st 3:00
Mar 8th 3:00
Mar 15th 3:00
Mar 22nd Race (if I can find one)
Mar 29th 2:00
Apr 5th 1:30
Apr 13th Canberra Marathon

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Something

I can't think of anything

It doesn't matter, doesn't have to be much. Just say what you are doing.

Oh well, the croutons left to go to their home yesterday. That's sad but we did have a great time for the last 4 weeks.

I could show that picture of Katy with just a thong on ...

... and a life-jacket.

Or I could write about the annual count down of the top 100 that happens every Australia Day (January 26th) although we will celebrate it on the 28th because that is a Monday.

I think this will be No 1...

It reminds me of China, because I had it on my iPod and would run through the streets playing it. There were also times when I would walk around with my iPod, like through the airport terminal when waiting for a plane. Not speaking the language had the advantage of being able to detach from all around me and just look whilst taking in music. I would pretend everyone was pleasant and all was good with the world.

As far as running, I am in my hibernating bear phase and teaching the scales new numbers to explore past where I would like to be. My 3K time is close to 12 minutes instead of 11 and my long runs need another hour from the 2 I am doing each Saturday. I wonder if her bum is cold on that marble?

Do you think Katy would like bathroom scales for her 40th?

She wants a light box.

I am happy for her to have one, just don't want it to be my present.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A new year, and so it begins .....


"Why are the dogs wearing my underwear?"

"You said you wanted to throw out the ones with holes!"

Hmmmm .......

1st goal of 2008, Canberra Marathon April 13th. Training begins on the 5th with a short River Loop of about 24K.

Simplicity Theme for 2008.

Subject: Old Snow Skis
Disposal: Turn into cat walk around the lounge room and discarge the bindings
Model: Peppa (helped onto the stage)

Do that again, I kill you!