Friday, April 27, 2012

Boston I'll be back

It's hard to write much of a race report when you can't remember much about it.   I do recall catching up with Matt around 36k and battling home. I cramped in my quads, in my calves and even in the chest whilst I tried to rub ice on my quads. We broke into a slow jog and stopped frequently as our bodies demanded. The crowd support was awesome and helped us home. There wasn't any smiles walking down the finish shute, it was the march of zombies. The medical people asked if we were ok, and to this we relied, No! Shock set in and we were pale for around 6 hours as we walked around aimlessly trying to get it back together. There was more cramping in numerous places, even under my feet, I haven't been sore, traumatised or beaten so badly. There were still a handful of people in hospital a few days later and 150 or so made the trip there. About 1000 marathon runners didn't make it home.   The course itself is magnificent, plenty of rolling hills and I thought how great it would be run one day. So now I'm motivated to come back and make amends. It will strart with a qualifier in New York. I'm going to eat right and prepare properly. The past 12 months of personal challenge is behind me. I'm going to do this!


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