Friday, December 30, 2011

Kurrawa - The End of 2011

At 3am on Kurrawa race day I was awake with a strong desire to not turn up. My best explanation is something that was haunting me for some time. I had images how this race was going to be and how it was going to feel ... some blissfully wonderful ... others sad. The thrill of victory and a wave of exhiliation on one hand and being alone with an anti-climax running through the finishing line and keeping on going leaving all my friends never to be seen again. So I am not always rational ... things get to me ...

Anyway, I set that all aside and made my way to the start ... in hindsight I guess my mind wasn't in the right place to run.

2 years ago I asked Clairie to run with me ... this was because I heard her say that she was the only Buddie not to win Kurrawa and I felt I could help her win. I felt it was important to her and so it became important to me. I don't often get to do something for my friends that has some meaning ... well some meaning in the way I see it ... hard to explain ...

We drove down together the night before, neither of us were talking ... not in a normal way. I get pre-race anxiety ... (well quite a confession, this post is turning out to be)

Here is Clarie is at the start line ... a quick hug ... she is coping a whole lot of friendly banter from our other team mates. I can only image how she was feeling ...

When the race started Clairie took off ... she dropped her competition and was going a full half minute per KM quicker.

The race was pretty much in the bag before I started. Around 15K I became concerned. Clarie's long time nagging hip injury was flaring and she was in a lot of pain. I waited at the 20k mark ... no Clairie ... first the woman she was just behind came through ... no Clairie ... 5 minutes went by ... perhaps 10 min ... I could see her sitting in a gutter, destraught ... I retraced the course and then looped around to see the field had spilt ... perhaps she might be ok ... so I better get myself to the changeover point in a hurry.

So how did my 170HR plan go? ... well ... avg was 162. Max at 181.

First 6 K the pace was around the 4:20 zone and HR moved up to 165... then I moved it out to 4:30 pace with HR dropping back to 160 ... more like 4:50 at half way and HR down to 156 ... but kicked in at 20k and ran the last 5 back around 4:30, finishing at not much over 4:00 min pace with the HR building to 180

It wasn't my best race ... but today, that didn't matter.

We had won.

I felt nautious afterwards and was affected by the sun. I needed time alone for most of the afternoon. I am proud, relieved and disappointed that it's over. My next goal is to revive the chase for the sub-3, which in a way isn't as important to me, mainly because it is such a self centred target.


Blogger Clairie said...

Running can be such a selfish sport. You run for yourself. You set your own goals. Only you can do the training required to get results.

So every once in a while to do a run for the good and benefit of another person brings back to the sport the joy and gift of sharing.

Thanks for doing that for me. For all the hours training and all the talking and sharing of pain and caring for my goals.

But now...its your turn. Turn on the spotlight, your time has come. Don't be sad about that. Be focused and if you give half as much to your goals as you did to mine last will fly.

7:23 pm  
Blogger iliketoast said...

No ... my goals are not important to me

8:22 pm  

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