Sunday, September 11, 2011


Why do I run? ... It sounds like a simple question but it is one that has so many answers for me.


There is nothing like being in the zone, full stride, controlled breathing and being at my best. It doesn't always go that way. Those are the the times I am investing in my next great run. For me, today, there is alot invested and I'm primed to go. I'll open my next campaign at the end of this week in the Sydney half.

Also, there is nothing like seeing a smile or a tear from team mates.

I feel the pain and share the joy.

When I run, the world around me stops ... my fears, the constant struggle of life, the expectations of others ... quite simplying there is nothing else to think about except to breath and hold the form through each stride. Nothing else seems to matter ...

I know some people share this feeling with me. They know what I know and it is something so very special to share.

I copied this clip from E-Speed , it inspires me and and reminds me of what we share.


Blogger Lauren's Cinelli said...

Great words and thoughts, Toasty.

3:57 pm  

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