Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting Better

To big runs this week.

1st Speedwork at PCRG, felt good and not the usual slow down on the third repeat. Was able to hold my place with only 2 or 3 runners ahead and quite a few that I am usually behind were behind me. No hamstring issues for the first time.

Wednesday Ali wanted 20k at 4:30 to 4:40 pace ... but she actually had 10 x 2k reps in her program and just couldn't face it. First 2 k's were 4:30 and then I bought it down into the 4:20's. We saw some buddies ahead and Craig and Gooner joined in where we hit sub 4:10's although Gooner dropped out after about 2 k's and Craig turned back a little later. We turned and had a gel break at a little under 9k's and finished 17.5k's avg 4:19. I picked it up over the last k's and Ali dropped back a little way. That won't happen often. HR in the 160's so that is also really good.

Just an very slow easy 7k this morning, perhaps close to 6:00 min/k.

On target for 75K's this week

... Coot-tha for 15k and then Clairie's birthday run added another 27K and I was able to practice an exercise for sections of it that my physio has me doing. The final 10k recovery run on Sunday gives me about 87k which is better than last week since there was alot more speed in it.

Feeling warm and a lot like I felt last Sunday ... ready for a new week.


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