Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GCM 2011 - Chapter Two

I can't say exactly why I started this marathon program but I really got into it.

Lactate run was 6km in a 14km run at what I guess was as fast as I could go. 25:41 for 6k is 4:17. I didn't have a HR monitor at that time, but i did by the next run.

2 weeks later, 6km 25:03 (4:10) HR 159.
2 more week, 8km 34:48 (4:23) HR 160 - might have been a little long
2 more weeks, 8km 34:12 (4:17) HR 160
1 more weeks, 10k 42:36 (4:18) HR161
3 more weeks 11.4km 45:01 (3:57) HR 165

All but one was on my own.

Last lactate run was 5 weeks ago now. The only one in May. After the first 2 months, I was able to go up a gear. February and April, I was just hanging on to do all the sessions as well as I could. The real improvement is the increase in K's for each threshold. These are super hard to maintain pace for.

Tip: Do these with someone else if you can.


Blogger Clairie said...

It's good to have a record of your training so you can look back on it. You never know what GC2011 will bring you - glory or pain but at least by having this record you will be able to go through it and recall the training and the preparation (isn't that what all the race is about??!)

I'm interested in the lactate runs. Did you guys tend to run the same course each week (ie have a constant of some sort to measure the running effort more accurately?).

I sincerely hope you overcome your bodies limitations and power through to the GC to see where all this training can get you.

5:46 am  
Blogger iliketoast said...

The main group ran together but all but one was on my own for me. The one with the group I got left behind and took a wrong direction on the turn of the out and back. I was never good enough to stay up with the others.

When I ran these I had one focus and it was to keep my HR 160+. if it dropped to 159 I knew I had to find some more effort. The first 6km session was the hardest.

Everyone who did these seems to have the same experience in that the first one was horrible and the last one after so many weeks was easiest to do.

I note that it teaches your body to keep going when you would stop otherwise. When doing Kurrawa this is the first thing to put in the program.

5:37 am  

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