Wednesday, July 13, 2011

GCM 2011 - Post Marathon

GCM Marathon finishes on Sunday with the post party. I feel this is a good way to have closure on a wonderful experience. There will be 15 of us and quite a few will move on to the Melbourne Marathon to achieve what they missed at GCM. As much as I would like to attempt to improve, I have already resigned that I just can't physically ... for now. I was surprised that Rick said in an Email he was disappointed at not having me as a training partner. I have have a strong desire to team up with these guys for the next crack at the elusive sub-3.

I was happy to run 60 minutes today (big step up from 10 min a few days ago) and that has confirmed I can expect to be up to full base training distances of about 70k by the end of the next week (3 weeks after the race). No races or speed sessions for awhile though. The hamstring is healing but my nerves are still a mystery. Perhaps I can write about what is going on, when I find out.

I also want to understand the lactate thresgold runs in training compared to the marathon heart rate. Lactate run ar 160ish HR and Marathon at 170ish HR.

In the next few months I would like to race some half marathons and see what time I can achieve. It is a good lead up to Kurrawa and I want to do well and be the best support for my awesome running partner Clairie.

I just can't wait to get running again. My motivation to run is certainly alive and well.


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