Sunday, July 03, 2011

GCM 2011 - The Race

This is in particular order ... perhaps ... No 1. is top of the list:

1. The encouragement and support made this race for me. It wasn't just about my goals, but when it got tough, I focused on my finish and seeing people most important to me. I also would think of the special support in order to lift each time I was needing to keep on track ... using matras and wanting to please others so much as I wanted it for me too. I wanted this one.

2. The lead up to this race was spot on. Carbo loading was mostly Friday and lighter on Saturday night. It was spaced with more frequent meals (Risotto, Pasta, Pancakes, Plain Pasta, Popcorn, Risotto). I didn't go overboard on the hydrating. The Saturday movie took my mind away from the race. I had a huge sleep Friday and made sure of it by having an early dinner with Clare and Andrew. I told them Linfox stories and I really enjoyed sharing with them what I was doing way back then. 1st July is the anniversary of a huge strike where I was the centre of it all (but that is another story). The lead up all ran like clockwork, I had a plan and just ran through it making sure we all got to where and when I needed. 7 Gels today (another PB).

3. For the first time, I felt I belonged to be running with people I considered way better and faster than me. I put 3 really good runners behind me and was only a few minutes short of 4/5 more. I ran along side sub 3 runners for the first half without much trouble. I also feel that a sub 3 is doable ... really doable. I like Andy Clowes FB comment ... "Nice work toasty. Sub 3 is only a matter of time."

4. The hill after the Nerang Bridge was real bitch. I was hit really hard and Clairie was there just when I was about to head into the worst part of the course, Bad Andy and few others also popped up ... it help me focus and save the race to a degree. No way was I going to waste 6 months of dedicated training without pushing through the challenges.

5. I got pumped up by Marijke and the PCRG crew at 41K. Lifted for a 3:05 finish and gave the hamstring a small pull which I nursed slowly home. Phew, that was really really close.

6. E-Speed and a greyhound from Tracy on the Big Screen at 37K mark. So cool!

7. Woke up to find out the Bombers won.

8. Really liked Cluffy's 2:59:44 amd Brett's 3:29 and change. Awesome seeing Ali and Pretty Matt at the start ... it was just perfect.

9. Kev Barry dropped by afterward ... I worked with him about 20 years ago and found out he was keeping up with my training through FB. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

10. "Relax, it'll come. Don't go out to hard (as if. *roll eyes*). Don't be soft. Remember the training and the book. You won't enjoy it, it'll hurt. But crorssing that line will be like nothing else ever again ... "

11. Dreams come true. This was one of those days.

12. "Fear is merely the shadow of great opportunity"

I wish everyone could embrace the running experience in some way ... it is awesome. There is nothing like putting in all the work and loving it and then putting it to the test.


Blogger Clairie said...

From your # 1 FAN it might sound a bit biased...but I think you did a wonderful job today Mark - and during all the many many days leading up to today.

You deserve to be running with people much faster and better to enable you to reach new goals that are within reach and I wish you all the best in getting there. Just don't ever believe you can't do it. I know you can and will.

7:21 pm  
Blogger E-Speed said...

glad it was such an awesome day for you despite the hamstring problems leading up to the race! way to seize what you could get from the marathon this time around!

12:12 am  
Anonymous Kev Barry said...

Mate - I am absolutely rapt that you started this blog up again. I really enjoyed reading them and found them to be very very funny and also inspirational. - I feel there was a bit of a hole when you didn't update it for such a long time. So when I checked again tonight for old times sake and saw that it was there - well that's just great. On top of that I got a mention!!!
I honestly believe that you will get the holy grail (sub 3 hour) and if you don't - one thing is for sure that it wont be due to lack of effort on your behalf. I hv known a runner that is more passionate and dedicated than you Mark!

11:23 pm  

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