Monday, July 25, 2011

Running Technique

I thought golf was hard! Straight arms, special grips, head position ... silly game, no wonder I gave it away. It turns out running is just as complicated. Don't Google "running form" or "running technique".

I now know my righ foot is not pronating back out of the stride because my hips aren't square and I'm compensating such that I don't get full power through the stride. On the other side, I lean my upper back to take work away from my lower back which is also counter productive. So now I stand in front of a mirror, slowly practising my running style, which also helps with core strength. Fingers crossed this will sort out the issues I've been having over recent years. Peter Stanton thinks it might take a month, but if there is more to do, perhaps 6 months to get it all right.

I did my first trail runs Friday and Sunday. Sunday was cold and I am still feeling this hamstring injury. Hopeful it be gone in a week and I can run freely again.


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