Thursday, February 09, 2012

Running with me

(stolen from E-Speed)

Goals for the week!

Total Mileage 50 - 55.

Monday: Easy.
Tuesday: "Speed" 1.5 mile @ 6:50 with 90 sec recovery, 1 mile @ 6:45
with 2 min recovery, 1.5 miles @ 6:50.
Wednesday and Friday: Easy miles @ 7:50 or slower, 6 x 30 sec strides on Friday.
Thursday: "Tempo" 8 miles @ 7:10
10 miles @ 8:00
14 miles @ 8:20

How it is playing out

Monday - no run (how is Easy is that!)
Tuesday time trial 3k in 10:54 = Marathon Equivalent 3:05 according to McMillan
Wednesday 10k easy
Thursday slept in
Friday early brekky meeting so run looks doubtful
Saturday swim with K, better squeeze in a 10k
Sunday 29k with 19k at marathon pace

Total will be 59k ... eesh!

Love this song ... interesting take on it.


Blogger E-Speed said...

:) Love that you are stealing but not following my plan at all ;) Fair warning this is a plan for a recently gimpified runner trying to make a come back, i am not convinced coach g is actually training me for boston at all :)

and i love that song too!

7:00 am  

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