Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boston Tea Party

Am I ready?

I wish I had more K's under the belt, but I think this is always the case. I'm hanging on to the saying, Better to be underdone than overdone.

All of a sudden it seems close and when they posted Bib numbers I got excited ... excited to be catching up with some people ... excited to be particpating in a big marathon, excited because I anticipate a fun trip.

I am happy with pace and how most of my training runs have gone. Not so happy about having a sore calf. Things just got tight and I might have "pinged" a few fibres so will be off the speed work for a week.

I think the conversation with my traning buddy Matt sums it up ... Me: ".. calf was my good leg, but the other leg feels fine now (numerous things like Planter Frashy thing, hammy, calf, abductor ...) I reckon we must be traning close to our limits" ... Matt: "Yep we sure are pushing it pretty much to the upper limit."

I'm the one in front :)

A fair gauge of how I feel could be in the music I'm into ... off the old Radiohead, Creep and now into this ... and by the way, Sia is an Aussie girl, doing great things at the moment.


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