Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Closing in on marathon number 9

It's been a good week after the disappointing run of the previous weekend.

I am relieved that I am getting back on track to cruising through the run in 3 weeks time.

After resting Monday to Wednesday, I took it easy at PCRG and whilst sore didn't feel I aggrevated my calf too much. Friday was even better taking it slow around Mt Coot-tha which has to be my favorite place in the whole world. Saturday's 32K was simply the best, just to run with friends (Clairie and Gooner) and chat was something I have missed.

Another light run on Monday, with another lap of Coot-tha to keep an eye on Gooner. It's hard to watch him head towards an overuse injury. After expereinceing this and seeing so many others hit this stage after more than a year's running I wonder if there is some way to avoid it. Perhaps not?


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