Saturday, May 12, 2012

Starting Over

Recently I was asked for some advice on marathon training. Here are my thoughts: Sure there is a component of long runs, intervals, gradual increases in weekly mileage and some lighter weeks, etc. I think there are some other aspects that should be factored in like: 1. Make sure your schedule fits in with the rest of your life and most importantly those in it (sit down and talk this through) 2. Manage injuries before they happen (fortnightly massages for one) 3. Don't get obsessed with sticking to the schedule if your body tells you otherwise (work out what you'll do if you end up sore and predetermine how you can adapt the program) 4. Eat right 5. Sleep properly 6. Maintain motivation (a training partner doing your race) Now I need to follow my own advice. My sights are set on Boston Revenge and I am about ready to get it on!!!


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