Monday, November 28, 2005

Sammy to the Rescue

This is sort of like those clever movies where you jump around and the scenes don't run in sequence .... except not that clever.

So let me take you back to 4 days before the Columbus marathon. Mark and Katy are driving from Dallas to Columbus and decide to stay with Lynn and Sammy in the lower parts of Illinois near the Mississippi River. Sammy leaves a witches hat (traffic cone) outside so we know which house it is and Lynn makes a really yummy dinner only to tell me afterwards that carbo loading should only be done 48 hours before the race. Sammy is a brilliant sports mind and has taken college basketball teams, football, athletics, etc from losing seasons to world beaters through motivation, science and magic. So it's no surprise that with a marathon looming Katy & I take as much in as we can. Lynn and Sammy are sensational people and made us feel at home and to this day I'm not sure if we didn't get the master bedroom for the night.

The next morning we head off armed with the inspirational words of positive thoughts from Sammy.

@!#(!@*#!@ These are my magical special effects that takes you back to the 18 mile stage of the marathon with Mark watching the 3:10 pace group disappear over the hill leaving nothing but a trail of dust.

My legs have died .... I've traveled half-way around the world and blown my race. But then "Sammy to the Rescue"!!!! I wipe away my negative thoughts and slowly tough it through the next mile or so with a little break to stretch the legs. It seems the stretch does the trick and before long I'm cruising just a little off pace but under 8 minute miles. Now it's time to chase the old dude wearing the american flag pants. Shoulder to shoulder we stride through the suburban streets with people calling "I like your shorts". I turn to my butt flag waving buddy and let him know "that was for me!"

Spirits were high until the Columbus residents played two cruel tricks in the closing stages of the race .....

Bush Bash

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Boots, Boats and Boston Qualifier

I only got as far as the title for my trip to the US.

But you will notice the picture of the marathoner and how the strain of the race is getting to her. In the background is that latest in Madonna type fashion for bra's. It's not as aggressive as the metallic cone and I kinda prefer the "look at my long sausage boobies" much more.

The picture is mile 17 and I can tell you my race was not going quite as well as Katy's at this point. From mile 16, I started to work harder to keep with the 3:10 pacers. The water stops are the hardest, as it only takes me a few snorty, gulping, splashy moments of drinking on the run to drop a few metres behind the bunch. The effort to tuck back in behind the leaders takes its toll after awhile. Just after mile 17 there was sharp turn and a small rise. I think someone simply flicked a switch disconnecting the power to whatever motor makes the legs work. I lost the the pace group as it sailed over the hill and felt my heart sank like a man overboard watching the ship power away leaving me stranded and alone. What happened next, I'll tell you in another storey called "Sammy to the Rescue".

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Name the Artist

This is a little quiz with the oh so original title. I thought it would help those a little hard of commenting:

1. "4ever" - Album release 18 Oct 2005 .... also have hit with "Everything I'm Not"
2. "Middle of the Hill" - Album release 8 Nov 2005 ... reminds me of something Paul would do
3. "Powers" - very funky in my opinion and totally cool
4. "Stepping Out" - 1st Jan 2005 can you believe that .. took some time to take hold
5. "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" - bad boys ... this one came out 12 Sept 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I have a blog

That wasn't too hard ..... now I'm a blogger, I can cross that off my list. Welcome to me. Basically this is going to be a diary and contain my life with work, family, running, stuff I do and adventures with Katy the ihatetoast variety. All words of encouragement wil be appreciated.