Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tested the calf today .... 1km and it tore .... no Canberra Marathon, except on the sidelines cheering!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long time no post

Ihatetoast has embraced the art of eBay with much vigor and enthusiasm so here i sit on my milk crate on the old 486 PC in our now empty home. That's my excuse for not posting anyway.

I am just back from the Physio and still consider myself a starter for Canberra Marathon April 13th. I expect a strained calf will respond well to a program of anti-inflam and 3 daily stretch routines. First trial is a 10 km /6 mile easy on Saturday.

After a quick toilet break I see my milk crate is gone so must sign off before the eBay monster gets me .......

Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Why am I talking to a book?

I got the all clear on my back from the doctor after he examined the X-rays. The sore back is a muscle and so I saw Jodie for a massage. You know what IS wrong? ..... Calling a sports massage a massage ... soothing, relaxing ..... hell no! I walked out like I got caught in the bull's paddock.

The training over the last month seems to be working. I felt comfortable on the 3 hour run with Ali last Sunday and the Wednesday 18K (just over 11 miles) is getting quicker each week. Tomorrow is the 3K time trial and hope I can improve on last month's 11:36 maybe an 11:07 for Ewen? (ran 11:19)

I have also expanded my cooking repertoire with two dishes I made up. Surprisingly a curry using Thai eggplant and a pasta dish using Halloumi cheese, both turned out well.

Work is also enjoyable .... how good is that?

Finally a few of the punters looking to run 3:30 in Canberra are providing me some increased motivation. So the plan for a the few weeks is to keep it simple and plateau along the solid training weeks and avoid the temptation to push it too far.