Monday, May 26, 2008

Grilled Cheese

I'm not toasty, I've got a cold.....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blowing out the cobwebs

Well I might not be a cowboy, but I did dust off the racing boots and had a go for my first event this year.

The Warwick Pentath is 5 runs in 2 days. The half mary I managed 1:36 and some change which is better than the 1:38 2 years ago but not so good as the 1:32 last year. The big positive was the strong second half, that came after having no speed early on. Lots of slow long runs has done wonders for endurance which also kicked in the second day doing the 10K ascent.

I will have to work on speed now.

The shorter cross country, 5k road race and 1500m were all done in pain. Mainly to do with breathing, so will get some expert advice shortly (Katy's mum is coming and just happens to be her profession).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nice to know

Quick update letting you know that things are looking up. No fevers for Katy since yesterday and the infection seems to be going away.

This clip above reminds me of the good things in the world, "brother Iz" provides a message of peace and how wonderful the world can be. In contrast, it was early in the week that we heard reports of "hoons" terrorizing a woman walking her dogs, pursuing her by driving on the pavement and running over one of her little fluffy companions.

My resting heart rate is sub 50 now and was around 55, 2 weeks back. The 3 hour 24 minute run yesterday was an average 142 heart rate. Will get around 90k in this week and have a solid base setting for the Gold Coast marathon.

I feel the outlook for us is getting better, have a great week. If it is raining and things are tough, prepare for the rainbow at the other end.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update from Toast Hospital

I left Katy at home with the dogs in charge of looking after her. She is viral but the latest is it is not Glandular Fever or Mono .... and it ain't tonsillitis although the big pillows of puss in her throat don't have me convinced.

The doctor believes it is almost over, so the high temperatures and spine chilling shivers should end soon.

This morning I had a 10K run, nice and slow, for a new lower heart rate PB. I will hit the 3 hour run level on Saturday and banked 80K last week or 50 miles in the old money. I have several stitches in my side from something that hadn't made it to melanoma (think alien photo below) and now they need to cut of my nose for a BBC as they call it. [Common cancer, must be treated, no need to worry]

The Podiatrist sent me for X-rays tonight and mentioned the word arthritis. It is going to take more than that to stop me.

So all this takes me back to the weekend, climbing the hills and mountain with my mate Glenno, and words that stuck in my mind ... "you never know if this will be your last time" .... it wasn't morbid, but makes me appreciate every time I step out to pound the pavement.

If you see my smiling Ewen, then that's just me happy to be out there.