Friday, March 23, 2007


Here is a question for you... Are cyclists manly?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Putting an End to it all

Today is the end of
Finish one job, get ready for another, fly to Melbourne, hang out with the croutons, catch up with your parents, drop the long run but run a little harder and end with a colonoscopy, week

After several long car trips, getting to the various places to chill with the croutons, like the science museum and motor show, I am now up to date on all the latest "music". I got the run down on Akon, that Hinder will be a one hit wonder and how cool GC's new album is going to be (Good Charlotte). I got the GC (Good Chocolate) for ihatetoast .... ahem ... if you happen to go past KOKO Black and the had a GC (Good Catchup)with my parents playing cards and drinking coffee down at the jetty.

Sunday morning I snuck out at 5am for a 24K FF (Fast Finish) meandering over undulating hills in the dark. It was a little chilly compared to what I am used to. Tuesday I hammered a 6K Tempo and backed up Wednesday with a 21K GP (Marathon Goal Pace). Stats were this:

Sunday - 2:04 hours 24K 5:12/km - last 4 K's 4:26, 4:21, 4:14 and 4:05
Tuesday - 6K warmup, 6K Tempo 24:51 with 5K @ 20:49 (4:08/km), 1K cooldown
Wednesday - 1:38 hours 21K 4:41/km: splits
4:53, 4:45, 5:00, 4:47, 4:41, 4:44, 4:46, 4:55, 4:39, 4:44, 4:39, 4:37, 4:37, 4:51, 4:27, 4:38, 4:45, 4:38, 4:27, 4:36, 4:02

I skipped 2-3 sessions this week and ran middle distance efforts a little harder than normal. This leaves two big weeks before I taper. It will start on Saturday with 35K FF and the last long run on the following weekend. I spent some time studying programs and feel that a double Tempo on a Monday evening will work for me. That is, 20 minutes hard, jog recovery and then another 20 minutes hard. Apparently this teaches you to maintain speed when fatigued. Oh ... I learn some new abbreviations like "FF" and "WH" with hills donchano.

Injuries = none (although my ankle aches after the longer runs)

Colonoscopy Result = GC, all Good, all Clear, come back in 5 years. I just can't wait to have the special batch of drinks the night before again.

CJ and Goeff conquered the 6ft Track on the weekend and should be as proud of themselves as I am of them ... way to go, both of you.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Last deep breath before the final climb to the summit.

Bags are packed, ready for my flight and long weekend down in Croutopia. I'm also about to fly the coup, leaving my job today (new job starts Monday in the week after next). One more day. Note to self: Keep mouth shut and just get the hell out of that place.

Saturday, instead of my long run, I'll be building a volcano with Andrew Crouton as part of his science project. Clare Crouton wants to see something educational, so I'm thinking a Museum or Art Gallery.

I ran 16K at 4:40 pace last night and felt strong and comfortable. I am a bit lost with my training, since Clairie will be backing off from a full assault on the Canberra Marathon. I needed to adjust my goals and have become very aware that I'm all alone on my runs now. I had to decide if I was to go hard or back off and pace a slower group for this marathon.

Katy said to go for it, and my gut feel told me that that is what I had to do. I revised my goals, from being alongside Clairie crossing a 3:19, to seeing how close I can get to a sub 3:10. By the way, Clairie and I had that finish time so nailed. If she is willing, I would love to have another go at it, maybe next year?

This week started with a recovery 10K on Sunday, a strong Tempo session on Monday night (including 5K in 21:20), Time Trial Tuesday (3 seconds off my best time last year), Mid-week 20K Wednesday and last nights session at close to marathon pace. With a 24K run on the weekend it will be an 80K (50 mile) week. That makes it a lighter week, down in total distance from last week. When I am back in Bris-Vegas, I will take it up to the max for the last two full weeks over the 100K weekly level and then taper.

Good luck to CJ and Geoff with the 6ft Track on the weekend.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Training Secrets

At 4:20 am the alarm went off, but my hand was poised above the snooze as I was already awake. My running gear was already laid out the night before. I have a routine of eating a banana, drinking some water and having a bathroom stop with enough time for me to arrive at 5 am to meet Glenno and the crew, all set for Saturday's long run. This morning I was 10 minutes early, I had a gut feeling that this run meant a little more than others...

It was already hot by 5am. The relative humidity was in the 90s (according to the weather guys), and when we finished the temperature was about 86 F. Garmin played up, but I worked out the pace to be very close to 5 min/km or 8 min miles for the entire 35 km.

For most of the day, I was strong on the hills and cruising with a revitalised determination. At one point I wondered when IT was going to catch up with me... well, IT did... 30 km (something like 20 miles) the heat came through, my skin felt like it was burning and there was a chill at the same time... I figured best to call off the effort and back off for the last 5 km home. Did I say "back off"? It was more like pick landmarks and will myself to each one .... all the way to the pool (with a little bit of Proud Mary by Tina Turner going through my head).

Glenno and I sat in the pool for half an hour. It was an ordeal that had us both wondering why we do this.

The nausea will pass. The ice bath will do some good - twisties are the secret recovery food (carbs, sodium and crunchy)

This week was 94K with quality in most sessions. It all starts again tomorrow.