Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Plan

I have a schedule now ...

Tuesday's speed work, Wednesday Tempo/Hard 18k, recovery Thursday's and Friday Medium runs un tp 24k

Sunday 22 Jan - 34k (21mi) at 12 weeks to Boston this is will be hitting one of my two longest runs and it will bring up a weekly total of 95k (59mi)

Saturday 28 Jan - Easy 24K
Sunday 29 Jan - Brisbane Road Runners probably the 10k as a lactate threshold effort and would be good to run a sub 40 for the first time having a go at this distance

Saturday 4 Feb - 32K (20mi)
Sunday 5 Feb - Gatorade Tri Series Race 5 Caloundra

Sunday 12 Feb - Brisbane Road Runners - 10mi (16K), Total run to be 29K with a marathon pace for 19K so the 10mi should fit the program

Sunday 19 Feb - 24K Recovery weekend - go to Meblourne for family birthdays

Saturday 25 Feb- 35K (22mi)
Sunday 26 Feb - Gatorade Tri Series Race 6 Raby Bay (1/2 mara at BRRC would have been nice)

Saturday 3 Mar - 29k (18mi)
Sunday 4 Mar - Brisbane Road Runners - 10 or 15k

Sunday 11 Mar - Marathon Pace 23k with 29k total (GC runners will be doing 13k MP)

Sunday 18 Mar - Twilight Half Marathon 1:35

Saturday 24 Mar - 32K (20mi)
Sunday 25 Mar - Brisbane Road Runners 10k - tune up race

Saturday 2 Apr - 10k tune up race? Probably not
Sunday 3 Apr (Perth)27k

Sunday 8 Apr - Brisbane Road Runners 20k

Monday 16 Apr - 26mi Hard :)

Boston I feel so close to you ...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Loving this

My running is up and down ... more than ever before.

Saturday I flew ... Wednesday I was burnt out ... but the week before I was on fire ... and then a week before that I was a train wreck ... Yeah there is all sorts of stats ... but for now, let's dance!