Friday, January 29, 2010

End of Jan

Finished January and I pleased with getting some speed. Total for the week was 66K with 19K at 4:45 through some pretty heavy rain and puddles.

Running the 1K efforts 3:29 3:39 3:50 3:45.

Now to China for 2 weeks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


5 runs this week (3rd week of double PCRG, 15k mid week, hour and half long and hard) ...

At this time of year, some of us pick the top 5 songs of the previous year, I like this one ...

Everybody just want fall in love ... everybody, everybody just want flavoured meat, flavoured meat, flavoured meat?

Post run wt 67.1kg ....

... that's all I got.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Running with the big dogs

The weekend run ended up on Sunday after a minor schedule adjustment on account of getting home at 3:30 am and setting the alarm for 4:30 am Friday night - Saturday morning. Today I planned on 25k solo from 5:00 am but when I arrived Pete was also getting out of his car and encouraged me to run with him. We waited for Stephan and the 3 of us took off for 15 min before joining the rest of group. I might add, both of these guys went 2:51 last year and are lining up for something quicker this year. To my relief, the run was quite comfortable, cruising for a little over 1 and half hours with the group for a total of around 21k. Post run wt 67.4kg.

I had two solid speed sessions and a short Wednesday run with Clairie. It was all good.

Crouton Andrew heads back to Melbourne today and I have really enjoyed him being here for the month. We managed to get a few things done like the cooking school, 3 times finishing, 3 trips to the surf beaches, some home cooking, a night out for his birthday, 2 football games, a kick in the park and camping.

Next week I am aiming for 2 speed sessions, coffee run Wednesday, easy Saturday (before helping Paul demolish his bathroom) and another run with Pete's crew on the Sunday. GC Marathon training will start 1st March.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Up and cooking

Ended the week in class ... Thai cooking school with the Crouton Andrew (his Christmas present). It was great!

Don't know why, don't ask ... 2 speed sessions were surprisingly solid. Wednesday was a tempo with Bad Andy and Watto for 15km. I finished strong and starting to hold my own. I enjoyed the 21km on Saturday (post wt 68.2 kg) and chalked up 56 Km for the week. Will do the same again this week and start swimming the week after and hunt out a bike.

Now to pick my top 5 songs of 2009 ...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Stardate 2010

Whilst singing Elvis tunes on New Year's eve, I declared an intention to do a triathlon and attend a Blues festival. Need master swim classes and a bike ...

Opened the account with an easy 20k run (12mi), a dip in the pool and 3 coffees with breaky. Post run, post breaky wt 68.4kg. Now off to Noosa for some paddling with Crouton. Katy is staying home and will miss us, cause she said she would be moping about the house in the evening (correction: mopping).