Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where is my February?

This is where I had to go for work this week. Wineries, mountains ..... you know it sounds better than it is.

Log catch up:

Week 6 (30,10,18 avg 4:31 min/K = 7:16/mi,10) = 68 KM
Week 7 (34,10,20,10) = 74 km
Week 8 (start 33third double Coot-tha)

I'm listening to Goldfrapp and TV on the Radio

I'm watching DVD episodes of Boston Legal

My favorite meal is crispy chilli chicken

I think Queensland Roar FC will win tonight.

This is a nice red ... Botobolar Mudgee Shiraz

I have no idea why I have lost as much weight and can run better than I have for more than a year. Best not to ask.

If I don't turn the oven on there will be no chicken tonight! (and I feel like it)

I'm behind on the painting cause I just don't want it bad enough.

Highlights of this year will be the Christmas holidays with Crouton Andrew and the trip to the US with Crouton Clare.

I started dating my wife again. We are going to the markets and seeing a movie tomorrow.

Does anyone know the recipe for baked chilli chicken?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lose weight and run fast

Here's how:

Be yourself!

(Of course Katy has complained)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Just Numbers

Week 5 (12,22,10,18,10) = 72 KM
Week 6 starts with 30 then a 10.

I time trialed (TT) 3K in 11:13

History will tell us this:

2008: "I'm getting there in the running department, but a little short of my targets. 3K TT was 11:36 aiming for 11:30"

2007: 3K TT was 12:05 OMG!

2006: "The plan for week 5 is pushing the weekly km's over 80K finishing on Saturday with The River Loop starting at 5am with Tesso, Geoff, Glenno, Tara, Ciaren and a few others. I plan to keep with the group and then stretch it out at the end."

The summary is not much has changed, although it looks good based on the TT.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Into the new year

We kayaked under this bridge and out on the Noosa River on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was against the current for the first part then a quick trip to get 2 coffees and back to where we started (downstream).


Week 4 (24,10,18,10) = 62
Month (44,53,61,62 + 12 for Saturday) = 232 km



Two croutons returned south on Monday with one a Roar supporter and the other whispering secrets to a pack of new friends: