Saturday, July 04, 2009

GC Marathon Eve

It's marathon eve, tomorrow I line up for number 17 and my 6th Gold Coast. It's been more than a year since I've been able to get through the last few weeks without an injury. A few weeks ago, I had bone scans to confirm shin splits but those are long gone and I enjoyed a comfortable last long run before taper. My speed work had dropped off, although I did get a couple of late session with Monday being my best and felt I might have just got my form back to where it was.

Along the way I manage a couple of PBs:

May 5th ran a 3k time trail in 10:46 and finished the Warwick Pentath May 24th a few seconds for another PB overall, mainly due to a good half coming home in just under 4min/k for the last k and a bit.

The house is really quiet with Katy in Italy hanging out with the Black Knight and various others. It is good for my marathon preparation, doing nothing, sleeping lots, eating bland pasta and bread. Zuni is loving hanging out with me in my not so manic state:

After tomorrow, the goals will be:

1. work on the house to see if we get it maintained to a state that we might let people look inside without fear of seeing dust, etc
2. make chilli crab
3. finish preparations for Clare's trip of a lifetime (no pressure) to the US in September. (it is actually more my trip of a lifetime with her)
4. take it easy preparing for "Spirit of Survival", "Mountain Marathon" Oct 4th, Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma.

As for tomorrow, I'd be happy with a time under 3:20. Robbie picked 3:14 which would be a PB and sounded pretty good. Sub 3:10 NY qualifier, only if it's one out of the box, dare to dream ......

Happy 4th July, Y'all!