Monday, March 30, 2009


It was a mixed week last week ...

The good: Clare turned 15, and has role (with lines) in her 4th year of school production, breaking out of the chorus into the cast. I heard good reports from her drama solo and it appears she did well despite being very anxious about it.

The Bad: Her guaranteed birthday parcel missed it and is now being tracked down by the post.

The Good: Andrew won his final. Just to get there he played the last game of doubles, the week before and they had to win by 2 to have chance. 4 nil down and not looking good, they fought back to 5 even and then took out the game 7-5. This forced the sudden death tie breaker and a chance to make the final. The rest is history.

The Bad: I missed it. (Not doing too well at the moment)

The Good: I finished the last big training week. Hammered some of my best ever runs.

The Bad: Saturday started with pain in the lower vastus medialis which became excruciating. I pulled out and caught the train back at 13K. There was swelling and pain to walk. Stairs were the worst and I couldn't go up them. I applied ice nearly each hour all day and followed the RICE method for the 48 hours.

Doesn't feel too bad and perhaps as good as it did before Saturday. I will rest it for another day or maybe two. If there is no pain at all, I'll try a light run. Maybe Wednesday.

Sorry this ain't no cupcake ....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anyone can make it!

Week 11 (35,11,18,11,10) = 85k (18k in 1:16)

Week 12 is the last big week before taper time. 31K Mt Coot-tha was quite cruisey today.

I made Queso during the week .... sort of looked like this ....

tasted like this .....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent comments have inspired another entry

Sometimes you get a comment from someone you don't know .... so I decided, after some prompting from Sharon CASSIDY, Katy's mom to research this "Cupcake Cassidy" and this is what I found ....

be still my beating heart .... bring on the cupcakes, i'll ok with this!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 hard weeks to go

Week 10 (21,11,18,7,10) = 67k
Oxfam half-mary 1:34, 18k 1:17 (around 4:24 min/k average)

Week 11 started with a non-stop 35k but it got real tough at the end with restricted breathing from the camelback and lack of water causing dehydration. I felt like I was hit by a bus.

My plan now is to take it up a notch and see if I can continue to build speed and endurance with more K's. I am even entertaining the idea of doing a little better than 3:20 in Canberra.

I have also become weight obsessed. Not with what I eat, but always jumping on the scales. I knew the run Saturday, being dehydrated, was going to have me at a new low and it did (68.5 kg) but I was still under 70kg today. 151 lb is 25 lb lost (over 10kg). I wanted to record this, as I am sure it will probably never happen again.

Andrew (crouton) challenged me and I am excited about learning to make queso dip and chilli chicken, I have 3 weeks to experiment.


This is for Katy

Monday, March 09, 2009


Week 8 (start 33third double Coot-tha,10,18,10) = 71k
mid-week 1:18:09 4:24 min/k avg for the 18
Week 9 (34,10,10,10)= 64k
Time Trial 3K 10:58
Week 10 (21 ...
Oxfam half-mary 1:34

I ran my best 18k mid-week in a daze, my time trial was on little sleep and the half was a little sloppy from a pacing point of view. You know the old arcade game "Lunar Lander"? You basically have to land without burning all your fuel. I think I burnt the fuel a bit hard early, so just cruised in at the end. I just wanted to test myself in preparation for Canberra Marathon.

This might be my last hard marathon. I feel I might like to take the next ones easy? I am also wondering if this will be the last time I PB ......

There will not be many more blog entries either. I'll post up to Canberra, which is April 19 or there-abouts, then retire the blog.