Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thinking man

Let me share a few thoughts I have been having lately ......

Why do I expect that I can run at the same pace now, as I did last year when all was going well?
Is running at 10 o'clock on a Sunday night weird?
Am I the only one who noticed that panty liners look like inner soles and might be the answer to keeping my feet dry on long runs?
Is it obsessive to be getting up before 5 am several times each week to run?

Want to know a secret ....

... this stuff is very good.

Training around 80k (50 miles) per week, 3 long x 3 hours runs to go before Canberra. I decided to pace the 3:30 group and perhaps make the Gold Coast marathon the one to go for.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What's wrong?

Got a frog stuck in your throat?

I'm getting there in the running department, but a little short of my targets. 3K TT was 11:36 aiming for 11:30, I passed 30K on my long run (close to 20 miles) and the last few days found my run becoming comfortable and natural. I have managed 5 days a week and sitting around 70K for a weekly total, so basically it is all coming together.

The week started with the "spider run" with Glenno. We took to a trail along the Gold Coast spit and found ourselves to be the first ones through. You know this when you hit the first of many spider webs. At the turnaround, we were both wiping off masses of webs stuck across the nose and tickling the ears. Another feature was the torrential rain and Glenno's vertical jump and mid-air pirouette to avoid a spider about the size of your hand he hadn't spotted until it was an inch from his face. I thought he had seen a snake, the big sook!

Yesterday was a cruisey lap in the morning around some bridges crossing Perth'
s Swan river. To finish off the week, this morning, I missed the 4am start having flown back on the red-eye and ran from home around 5am instead. Nice to feel 5 min/K (8 min/mile) comfortable and hooked up with Ali suffering a cold and coughing up all sorts of delights as she went. We meet up with Matt at the golf club and turned for home only to struggle in the last 10 minutes before hitting the pool, where I floated face down wondering if the lifeguard would drag me out. After the swim, I saw Tesso when heading for breaky. She had a message from Katy, "tell him to stop running".

Due to requests, here is the last look at the orange hair ....