Thursday, September 28, 2006

An original work

Feeling kinky like a noodle,
Want to eat some Apple Strudel,
Was going to post,
But now I doodle.

Forgot my place and no longer rhyming,
and this is just to prove it.

Back again with words familiar,
Got a big bottle, it's Vanilla!
I'm going to put some drops in here,
I think I invented a brand new beer!

If you think that it'd taste yummy,
You'd be wrong, it's sort of funny.


Anonymous IHateToast but love a silly poem said...

i leave him alone while i take swimming lessons and i find this?
poor bugger is asleep. i thought it was because he was up at 4 for work, but i think it's because he o.d.'ed on silly.

10:16 pm  
Blogger Ginger Breadman said...

You never cease to amaze me with your word play. Go post something on Bob's Haiku Thursday -

I'm surprised you're not already a regular on Haiku Thursdays. (I have no idea what day it is in Aussie land, but it's still Thursday afternoon on the west coast of the USA.)

8:02 am  
Blogger D said...

That's funny Ginger - I was thinking the same thing....I hate...don't leave him alone!

8:24 am  
Blogger Clairie said...

I hate that I have to actually openup your blog because I am sure in bloglines summary I am missing something to your post....nup you are just plain weird.

Love ya toastie (um to mrs toastie, that was in a very friendly UN romantic manner which is extended to yourself and anyone who may be in need of some love)

1:46 pm  
Blogger robtherunner said...

I used to write poetry as well, but my creative juices have not been flowing lately. I am also worried that people might think I am weird and stop visiting me.

2:10 pm  

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