Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Warwick Part III

Firstly this is from the first race with Tara ahead at this point.

On to Race 3 .... if we must

Saturday 3pm, and by this stange I was getting a little toey! I brought out my new black iPod Nano and meticulously selected 5 of the most pumpy, upbeat, heart kicking tunes I could find. What the hell, I even did a couple of warm up
exercises and was ready to hit this one at full speed.

Hang on, I have to go off at a tangent at this point and let me tell you about my Ipod Nano ... since I was in a hurry to be ready for Glenno to pick me up, I asked Katy to charge the the thing for me ....... I should have known better ....... so I had a look at my Ipod in the car, to find "a few extra hits" carefully selected by Katy and Mary. Actually I didn't mind starting the half marathon with the Macarena but I draw the line at the high pitched "la la la la la la" of Loving You...... anyway back to Race 3 ....

I got a clean start and was surpirsed at how fresh my legs felt and was moving fast (for me) with little effort. The music (of my choice) blasted into my head, which meant I couldn't hear myself breathe. To be more accurate, to listen to the fact I probably wasn't breathing. So after the first few turns, I was quickly approaching the gate out onto the open road approaching the first K marker when I was shot down. At first, it was a sudden sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my mid to lower back, which was immediately followed by an equally sickening thrust into the other side. Imagine a duck soaring up into the sky to be taken out by a hunter and so you have me the duck spiriling out of control headed straight back to earth. I pushed on for a short time before my chest had constricted so much that getting air into my lungs was near impossible. So I stopped.

Tara and Ciaren overtook me whilst I was doing my best to reinflate myself. I waved that I was ok (well sort of) whilst hanging onto the edge over an involuntary hyperventilating meltdown. Clairie was next to come by and I remember this moment clearly ........ she touched me behind my arm and said "come on, I'll run with you". So I did.

We basically held our positon as I sucked in and expanded my lungs back into shape. I was stretching out my diaphragm, which had kinda cramped, and it was getting easier to breath after awhile. Whilst doing this I was releasing "a few vocal pain noises" and trying to reassure Clairie that I was getting better despite this. A small kid just in front of us was terrified and I reckon I would have been too, if I was him. I worked through it and recovered, you have to do this in endurance running, it comes with the territory.

So with a the last 2K to go I did my best to encourage Clairie whilst she encouraged the kid in front. Poor little fella was probably half scared out of his wits.


Blogger Susan said...

Stabbing pains and soaring ducks? Are you sure Katy didn't drugged you with new nano music?

8:34 am  
Blogger robtherunner said...

It was nice of Clairie to drag you in. That's what good running friends do for you.

9:31 am  
Blogger Clairie said...

A few vocal pain noises?????

You were thundering and screaming and knocking the leaves of the trees.....I didn't realise you had your ipod on so maybe that is why your recollection is different to mine? You were LOUD!

Personally i thought it was the dragon slayer screaming out his attack I stayed 10cm behind you all the way on purpose. Couldn't have you slaying me....
Poor kid though he tried to fall behind and I kept pushing him forward. Nasty people aren't we?

5:28 pm  
Blogger Lora said...

That poor little kid is probably having nightmares!

8:44 pm  
Blogger E-Speed said...

Wow. That doesn't sound pleasant for anyone involved!

1:11 am  
Blogger Tesso said...

Gee, that shot must've been taken just before you crash tackled Tara.

3:03 pm  
Blogger Robert Song said...

What sort of role model are we for the kiddies??

On a Sunday, after my long runs I tend to end up on the couch for a nap. A bit , well a lot really, of soreness and inflexibility creeps in while you are asleep and it is not a pretty site me getting up and climbing the stairs to where the food is. It is at this point whilst moaning and groaning, I encouragingly proclaim to any of my children within earshot, that they should take up marathon running because it makes you feel so alive. I don't think they are buying it.

I have been very busy lately and I haven't got back to you on some of your comments about my training. Firstly, I have no intention of doing 400 or 800 repetitions on the track. I did those when I was a 1500m runner but 1972 was the last time I did sessions like that.
I may do some 1K reps soon but it depends on how my body is feeling. I think I can get away with a good marathon time without them.

If you are interested this was my training program before my marathon PB in 1985. My first was May 1982 and I did around 3:52. This was my fifth marathon so I had a four year training base for this one.

In the 20 weeks before the marathon my training was based on five sessions a week.

Session 1. Long Run or Race.

My races were all out time trials.

Week-Total Long Run /Race Details
Wk 1 40k 30k 2:22 (4:44m/k)
Wk 2 65k 10k 36:00 (3:36m/k) Race
Wk 3 70k 25k 1:51 (4:26m/k)
Wk 4 46k 25k 1:48 (4:19m/k)
Wk 5 60k 25k 1:54 (4:34m/k)
Wk 6 80k 30k 2:13 (4:26m/k)
Wk 7 80k 30k 2:47 (5:36m/k)
Wk 8 75k 25k 1:38 (3.55m/k) Race
Wk 9 75k 30k 2:52 (5:44m/k)
Wk 10 0k non-running related injury
Wk 11 58k 8k 28:57 (3:37m/k) Race
Wk 12 88k 35k 3:14 (5:33)
Wk 13 70k 20k 1:26 (4.18)
Wk 14 95k 35k 3:10 (5:26)
Wk 15 87k 35k 3:00 (5:09m/k)
Wk 16 75k 30k 2:10 (4:20)
Wk 17 55k 25k 1:34 (3:47m/k) Race
Wk 18 10k No long Run
Wk 19 45k No Long Run
Wk 20 15k Marathon 2:53:45 .

session 2. 15 K - ranged from 63:00 (4:12m/k) to 57.04 (3:48 m/k).

Session 3. 10 K - ranged from 43:40 (4:20m/k) to 39:00 (3:54m/k).
This was quite a hilly 10k course so the effort was a bit more than flat 10k.

4. 10k or 15k - generally run 10 to 20 sec/k slower than Session 2/3 .

5. 10k - generally run 10 to 20 sec/k slower than Session 3 .

The only changes to this plan were:

Week 14 to 17, I substituted a Fartlek session for a 10k run. This was generally four or five all out 600 - 800m spurts with jog recovery on the usual 10k course.

Week 16 to 20, I substituted a Hill running session for a 10 k run. This was based on 4 repeats of a 600m hill that took about 2:10 secs.

Week 18 and 19 no long runs so to be as fresh as possible for race.

12:36 pm  
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