Friday, January 20, 2006

My first infection .... as a blogger

1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

Still at my first employer Shell, as in the oil company, after 11 years and traveling around the country auditing transport activities. Second born Andrew was just one month away and Clare, not quite 2 years old, was the centre of the universe.

I was fat, unfit and had no idea what I wanted in life but I had more money than I do now (could be something in that). I also had less confidence in my own abilities and wasn't doing a lot of "living".

2) 5 snacks you enjoy?

Cheezy poofs
Ranch flavoured dip with chips
Clucky poofs

3) 5 songs you know all the words to?

All songs in a mumbling sort of non interpretable way with blah, la, yeah and then strong and clear on the chorus but not always in tune ....

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads (How's that one Stefano? not bad for an executioner! I could be getting into this role a little too much)
Never Tear Us Apart - INXS (singing it now)
Bohemian Rhapsody - Don't we all?
Common People - covered by William Shatner

4) 5 things I’d do as a millionaire?

Pay off the house, go on a holiday ............ zzzzzz

Actually I was thinking of a lifestyle enhancement with Katy running a business promoting running stuff and anything related to what we enjoy doing. Traveling at the same time, living an adventurous life integrated a self supporting money source, setting up the business so my children have an option to support themselves in the future, get to visit and be with great people and help them be part of it wherever it works, and also remaining true to values where no one is exploited and have a positive impact of society in general.

5) 5 things you like doing?

I'm not going to put "that" down.

so apart from "that"

Meeting good people
Actively participating with music (sort of like listening but comes with singing along and dancing)
Decoupage and Beer Can Art

6) 5 favorite toys?

Coffee Grinder
Inflatable Kayak
Mountain Bike
Little battery powered buzzy thing ... I use to trim nose hairs


Blogger mouse said...

what on earth are clucky poofs?!?!

1:34 pm  
Blogger olga said...

"I was fat, unfit and had no idea what I wanted in life but I had more money than I do now (could be something in that)." Wow, that's sounds so...familiar:) Good post!

2:04 pm  
Blogger Tesso said...

Yay, William Shatner!!!! Have you heard "It Hasn't Happened Yet"?

My absolute fave is when he joins forces with Ben Folds singing "In Love" ...

at puberty I was sworn to secrecy
by the international brotherhood
of lying fickle males
I can't tell you anything
and I can't commit!
you're right!
I can't commit...
to you!

2:11 pm  
Anonymous IHateToast said...

yeah... katy not too keen on that running a business thing. katy want yurt far from people with composting toilets, rain water tanks, and enough land to have mini goats, 3-5 foster greys, with enough left over to be classified as "land for wildlife." nowhere in that fantasy is my lily white ass behind a counter all day long.

so... we're going to have to discuss those millions.

6:28 pm  
Blogger Lora said...

Whew....I got a little nervous when I read "Little battery powered buzzy thing"

10:07 pm  
Blogger Black Knight said...

The same story: I was fat and unfit but I had less money. Bohemian Rhapsody: great song!

12:54 am  
Blogger Susan said...

Me too Lora, I was thinking it went with the "that" that he didn't put down . . . hee. : )

1:15 am  
Anonymous IHateToast said...

lora and susan, if you thought you were scared... i was wondering how quickly i got replaced.
and i really had no idea he liked that gadget so much. and to think he says my neti pot is weird. we're nose people here.

12:53 pm  

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