Thursday, June 28, 2007

Putting on my game face.

3 Days to go!

Are you ready?

Well, are you??????

Experience has taught me 2 things:

1. Ignore the onset of flu and aches in joints in the last week before a marathon.

2. I can't run it in my mind beforehand. Stick with the race plan and strategy that I confirmed by the results in training.

This week I have had a sharp pain in my hip area such that I have been limping. For 3 days my neck and upper back has been too sore to turn my head. Everyone I know has a cold. We have had the coldest wettest days in history. I know there's something in the air. How can you do this to me right now?

Finally, on Wednesday the rain stopped and I ventured out for a 10K. 4K at pace and no pains that I couldn't run through. There's always some pain, like my ankle in the first few K's, but is goes away. No signs of sickness. I know I know I know what is inside. I'm ready to go. Running conditions are perfect with a forecast for fine dry running conditions.

I have questioned the decision to pace this one many times,but will only truly know if it was the right decision, over 3 hours and 15 minutes on Sunday. I have been lifted by a few contacts from friends keen to catch up on the day. As well as some that I run with have endorsed my ability to do this ...... "Having run in training and in races with iliketoast I know that he will do a great job of getting an even pace going early and keeping it up."


Blogger mike said...

Toasty, here's hoping you save your energy & call out the 5k splits like the metronome you aspire to be.

Best of luck for Sunday.

9:44 pm  
Blogger Bolder said...

reading this blog has taught me 2 things:
1) there will be toast
2) there will be stuff.

10:25 pm  
Anonymous IHateToast said...

whoops. typo.

let me try again.

i've learned 2 things in this marriage:
1) sight is overrated
2) ....

crud. old age. can't remember what i wrote.
let's go for 3) role play turns me on and nothing says "ooooh wakka wakka hubba whee *whistle* zow" like a man dressed like a bakery item on 'roids.


10:41 pm  
Blogger Coach Tammy said...

OMG Katy! LOL.

Go Toasty Go! YOU can DO IT! Yes you CAN!!!! WOOOOOOOOoooooo!

2:17 am  
Blogger 21stCenturyMom said...

Run like toast!

Wait... does that work?

2:24 am  
Blogger Tesso said...

2 days now :-)

On a course for work once The Flying Nun told me you never make bad decisions, you just make decisions. And your decision was to sacrifice a certain huge PB to help others and just get a small PB.

Come Sunday at 10:05am you will be the toast of the town.

8:48 am  
Blogger Robert Song said...

Very wise words regarding the taper. If only that photo wasn't there , I could take them much more seriously.

As long as you get them to 35k on pace your job will be done. After that it is every man for themselves I reckon, especially at that pace. Good luck.

10:04 am  
Blogger Clairie said...

You will do well.

I have faith.

1:38 pm  
Blogger the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I hate tapers. I do.

But I like toast too.

3:23 pm  
Blogger Scott said...

All the best Toasty. You must be excited, it's gonna be great.

9:17 pm  
Blogger E-Speed said...

You're going to do great! Enjoy it and report back prompto ;)

12:51 am  
Blogger *jeanne* said...

Go toast, young man!

6:34 am  
Anonymous Sammy and Lynn said...

Run like your toast burning! Good luck to you...stick to your goals.

8:17 am  

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