Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fats Festive Fatass Brizzi

"5am start before it gets hot!", they said.

"It's a trail run but on forestry roads that are (generally) not accessed by vehicles. Very easy underfoot for the most part." says Kato

"The return trip came in around 50 kms last year, so should be around 46 this year as we are not planning on getting lost again." says Fat Bloke

so what happened .....

I rise at little after 4am after my pledge to join the group in order in work off a little seasonal indulgence. As I rumbled along in my trusty Jeep, I couldn't help but notice the big fluffy cloud cover that kept us warm and toasty all night. It was 30 degrees C, BEFORE 5am and moist air had me sweating just standing waiting to start.

Shortly into the run, Fat Bloke takes his eyes off the ground ("the very easy underfoot for the most part") and ended up a mess on his arse, resulting in a badly sprained ankle as well as cuts and bruises to legs and hands (his run was over). Skon is left in charge of the map, and gets Kato to read it. We had a ~ 250 m deviation until someone noticed we were running into a lot of spider webs.

I had decided on running about half way and then turn around to make it back to the Jeep. The main reason was that I didn't think it fair to hitch a ride down from the top as I was "a little" sweaty. By "a little" I mean that my feet squelched after the first 5 kms, and I quote a conversation that summed up the group "Is that sweat coming off your shirt, I thought you broke your water bottle".

Two and half hours shuffling up and down trails with a considerable amount of walking on the ups, the Garmin told me it was 23 and quarter kms. I came home 10 pounds lighter but none the worse for wear.

Plenty of time left in the day to hit the gym with Katy. It was kinda hot for her, which isn't so good as she has a condition that sees her drop to the floor if she overheats (no Fatass festivities for her). Wisely, we call it quits until later in the evening where I enjoyed a rare run with my wife. We cruised around for about 5km before sinking into the Southbank pool.

And so folks it has been a pretty active day and there is little doubt I will sleep well tonight.


Blogger psbowe said...

It's weird to read about you dealing with the heat while here, it's dealing with the cold. Spider webs - don't like it, but I like trail running. Hope the ankle heals soon.

4:13 am  
Blogger Black Knight said...

A long and intensive workout! Weird to think about you running in a hot trail while here it's rainy, windy and cold! There spider webs here only pigeons (for now).

10:31 pm  
Blogger *jeanne* said...

I sometimes think about the opposite ends of the seasons when I'm running during weather extremes. In our godawful hot summers, I remember when my fingers were freezing through their gloves, when my butt felt like it was rock solid ice from the winter chill. In the cold, I remember SWELTERING and thinking I'm going to melt down along the hazy humid hills of Annapolis or Greenbelt. It blows my mind that it's all taking place in the same area of the planet...

10:37 am  
Blogger E-Speed said...

10 lbs lost in a run? holy cow!

i think you earned some serious hydration!

12:42 pm  
Blogger robtherunner said...

Sounds like my kind of day.

3:38 am  

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