Thursday, December 01, 2005

Two too cruel!

Here we are again at the Columbus marathon around Mile 20. So I calculate 6 miles left by 8 minutes and that has me arriving around 3:16 or thereabouts figuring there is the 0.2 to account for as well. What a great race, 16 bands none the less. My favourite was the guy on the bike with an electric piano playing the William Tell Overture as we ran up the slight 4 mile gradient of High St. But first cruel part was the folk band .... something like Peter, Paul and Mary on a stage a little way to the left .... so the harmony was ok but the lyrics sounded alot like ... "Hey you fool, whatya doin, running this much you're goin die" .... la la lalalala (shake of a tramboline) ... "We are talkin to you Mark, why doncha quit, if someone's doing die you'll be it". Now perhaps those might not be the exact words or even close to it. But that's what I was hearing.

Cruelty of Columbus Number Two was also not intended to be .... probably. A running group set up an archway at the 23 mile mark ... and you just had to think it was the finish line. Such a let down.

All that behind me, leads to the great finish. Now I could be exangerating but ..... all of Columbus lined the final stretch and it was bigger than Macy's parade. I turned the corner of a street wide enough to drive 15 buses down side by side. The crowd erupted in deafening cheers as I flew down the steep decline with my legs pumping all the way down the 300 metres to cross the finish line.


Blogger Susan said...

That really does sound like a great finish - well done.

9:44 pm  
Anonymous Clare Bear said...

oh my goodess how do u run that!?!? must be murder,of couse u do train a lot.

5:20 pm  

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